OTIUm E3-M Modo

This Allround damper was developed for damping and closing doors of 20 to 80 kg in weight. The damper comes standard with a light spring (with a force rating of9 Newton).

On request, a stronger F11 (11 Newton) spring can be supplied as an extra, which can then easily be exchanged, when needed.

This could be necessary when the door weight is heavier than initially specified or aspects of the construction (like sloping floors or ceilings) create extra friction or drag on the system.

  • Damper Model
  • Door Weight in Kg
  • Damping Force ≈
  • Spring Model
  • F1 Closing Force
  • F2 Opening Force
  • E3 M F9
  • 20-50
  • 110 N
  • F9
  • 10 N
  • 21 N
  • E3 M F11
  • 50-80
  • 110 N
  • F11
  • 12 N
  • 27 N

The spring load ratings vary with ± 2 N. Opening force is measured at 130 mm.

OTIUM E3-M Modo drawings